Saturday, October 7, 2017


ShareClipboard APP lets you copy text from source device to destination's clipboard through  Bluetooth Classic (Bluetooth 2.0).

Download App
 Download App

Before using this APP, you are required to pair source and destination devices via Bluetooth. Please refer to the "Pair two Android phones via Bluetooth" (note 1) for Bluetooth pairing.

After pairing, launch ShareClipboard APP and the Settings screen is shown:
1. On the source device, choose "Bluetooth Classic" from the "Send mode" field, turn Bluetooth on.

2. On the destination device, choose "Bluetooth Classic" from the "Receive mode" field, then turn Bluetooth on.

3. You are now ready to use ShareClipboard App

1. Launch any 3rd party APP on source device, select text, click "Share", then click "ShareClipboard"
e.g. Use Chrome to visit

2. Select destination (paired remote device)

3. A "Connecting" screen is shown

4. A message is shown at the bottom, once success.

5. The selected text is shared to destination's clipboard. You can paste the text, by long pressing a Google search box, on the destination device.

For those who prefers sharing text from Windows 10 PC to Android device, please visit for more information.

Thanks for your support on us, and enjoy to use ShareClipboard APP

note 1: Pair two Android phones via Bluetooth

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