Monday, June 2, 2014


HandyLearnChinese shows Input Method Sequence of a Chinese character. (e.g. Pinyin, Wubi, Cangjie, and Quick).
User inputs Chinese characters through handwrite input method, their input method sequences of Pinyin/Wubi/Cangjie/Quick will be shown.
It helps people to learn Pinyin/Wubi/Cangjie/Quick in short time.
note: It is possible to listen the default Mandarin pronunciation of the Chinese character, if a 3rd party Mandarin Text-To-Speech engine (e.g. SVOX) is installed.

You may try HandyLearnChinese free, and then purchase a license key within the APP.

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screenshot 1 screenshot 2

System requirements
1. AndroidTMversion 4.0 or above
2. Installed Chinese input method

Can't scroll up to view record on top?

  1. Close the soft-keyboard by press the "Toggle Keyboard" icon/menu
  2. Touch in the list view and scroll up or down
No speak feature?

  1. Install a Mandarin Text-To-Speech engine. e.g. SVOX Mandarin (Yun). Test the speak example. Please refer to SVOX guide for more details.
  2. Re-start Android device.
  3. Launch HandyLearnChinese, input Chinese character, click the speak out button on the right hand side.

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